Rafting in Mygiya

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поріг дамба

Rafting on the Southern Bug with the Rafting Center is an extraordinary adventure on unusual craft. Of your choice, we can provide rafts, catarafts and inflatable kayaks "Shchuka-3". It is the Inflatable kayak "Shchuka-3" of post-soviet production (2013-2015) to raft in the Mlyn, Damba and Integral rapids that can satisfy the most experienced thrill-seekers! The likelihood of the overturn of a raft increases if going kayaking without an instructor, whereas in the Damba rapids a safety net on the shore for beginners is obligatory. Rafts will provide ladies and tourists with kids with a rest as safe and accident-free as possible. We offer sports catarafts to those for whom rafts are too casual and kayaks are too scary even with an instructor. Rafting usually lasts 2 hours, during which the group shoots the Damba and Integral rapids twice. If you feel like paddling an extra hour, we can offer to shoot the Mlyn rapids outside Pervomaysk. A rough waterfall and a bend by a tree will make you nervous or even bathe in the water. The cost of a one-day tour is 300 UAH per person and includes hot meals (usually Cossack kulish for large groups and hunter’s sausages roasted in alcohol for small groups).

Duration of the event: 8:00-13:00; 14:00 - 19:00

Length of the route: up to 15 km

Terms of participation: children of 6 and over, a spare set of clothes considering the weather

Cost of participation: from 300 UAH per person including a transfer within the route, insurance, guides’ fees, hot meal, base camp, shared first-aid kit

Menu: hunter’s sausage, bread, ketchup or Cossack kulish, tea

Additional services: wetsuit, a quest on the route, shashlik, mulled wine, mushroom soup, live music, fireworks, a sleepover in the camp, etc.